TEDx​DHBW​Mannheim 2016

Below The SurfaceNov 26th, 2016


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Why are we hosting this event?

  • We believe ideas shape who we are and how we approach the world around us.
  • We believe it is our own responsibility to create the future we want to live in.
  • We believe it is our duty to help the change makers, innovators, entrepreneurs and young talents of our time to share their ideas and to connect with their community.
  • We invite you to take part in our journey towards our common future.
  • We invite you to dream together with dynamic speakers, performers and local thought leaders.
  • We invite you to question your habits, to leave your comfort zone and to overcome your boundaries.
Our theme for 2016

Below The Surface

We want to offer a new and deeper view on topics you might be already familiar with, but never spent a second thought on. We want to drag the spotlight towards ideas, which already have impact on us and our society, but are experiencing a revolutionary new approach. We want to invite you to rethink your existing opinions and values.

Speakers in 2016

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The Venue

It is our pleasure to announce that the first annual TEDxDHBWMannheim conference will be taking place on Saturday, the 26th of November in Mannheim, Germany. Fortunately we are able to host our event in the C-HUB, which is the perfect venue for future- and solution-oriented talks.

The C-HUB at the Verbindungskanal in Hafenstraße has been completed since July 2014. The most modern center for creativity and economy in Mannheim is located between Quartiersplatz and the Speichergebäude of the Kaufmannsmühle. The center is home to over 50 enterprises from eight submarkets of the creative industry. The building is equipped with high-quality technical infrastructure and has a modern and bright architecture.

  Hafenstraße 25 – 27, 68159 Mannheim

Get Tickets

A total of 80 tickets is available.
Until 31st of October, you will have a chance to apply for one of the 80 tickets to TEDxDHBWMannheim.

You’ll need to fill out an application form where you’ll be asked a few questions about yourself and your motivation to attend. In case we get more than 80 applications we will draw between all carefully filled forms. You will be notified through email of the status of your application.

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