Speakers of 2017


Democratising the Sky

Drones are helping us perceive and understand natural, environmental, scientific and similar processes. Something that has been out of touch once became closer, at an arm's length. This would not be possible without the evolution of easy-to-use drone technology, that enables creators, researchers and regular citizens to explore the earth.

Tautvydas Juskauskas is a Public Business Development Manager at DJI, the world's leading drone manufacturer. Prior to joining DJI, he worked in the fields of political communication, technology and lobbying. During his master studies at the Central European University in Budapest, he co-founded the Good Drone Lab, an award-winning collaborative platform for the development of drone uses for the greater good. With a strong belief that UAVs can significantly improve specific educational research and industrial areas, Tautvydas is currently overseeing DJI’s business development in Public and Non-profit sectors as well as education and research cooperations.


Perception in the arts

My Ted would focus on perception in the arts, with the central theme being that where we are and who we are determines how we perceive the world, and therefore how we express ourselves. Every person has a unique perspective: never before in history has someone seen or experienced the world the way you are right now.  As an artist, whatever kind, you have not only the opportunity but the duty to express how you perceive the world.  And every person is an artist of some kind.

Katherine Wilson is an American author, actress, and television personality living in Italy. After the publication of her memoir, Only in Naples, in the U.S., U.K, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Poland, she appeared on Italian national TV. The much-anticipated Italian translation of her book will be out from Piemme (Mondadori) in March 2017 with the title La Moglie Americana. After moving to Italy, her career in Italian stage and film included leading roles in Jesus Christ Superstar with Carl Anderson and Amii Stewart and Evita with Bob Simon. She was cast in Giuseppe Tornatore’s film The Best Offer with Donald Sutherland and Geoffrey Rush, and her career in voice-overs and dubbing has spanned twenty years and has garnered international awards. She lives in Rome with her husband and two children.

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